TERN will become sustainable through its business model as we believe in the potential of refugee entrepreneurs and the potential success of their businesses. TERN becomes sustainable as refugee businesses become successful and so we are devoted to ensuring that they do.

However, like any business TERN requires some seed-funding to set up our training and mentorship programme for refugee entrepreneurs. We are looking for some pioneering individuals who not only believe in TERN and the mission that it stands for but also believes in the potential of refugee entrepreneurs with the guidance of TERN.

As TERN is a not-for-profit social enterprise, any net revenue will be put into the investment fund to support refugee businesses, as such all seed funding will eventually be recycled into a refugee business. As an initial funder you can be content in the knowledge that your investment will play a vital part in creating all of the successful businesses that TERN supports over the years to come. We would be very grateful for any support you might be able to provide.

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