Our business support system is divided into three stages. Each stage provides different types of training and support. When we first meet you, we aim to get to know you, and to understand how far you have got with your business idea. This helps us decide which stage is the most suitable one for you. Read more about the three stages here:

Introduction to Business
  • The Ice Academy combines a business development programme with a paid part-time summer job!
  • Attend workshops focused on developing your business, make your idea real and test it with customers!
  • Work with a dedicated business mentor, your 'Business Buddy'
Start Your Business
  • Attend specialist workshops to develop your business
  • Get expert advice from our business support team
  • Evolve your idea into a sustainable business
On-Demand Support
  • Call our support hotline to arrange a one-to-one session with our team
  • Contact us via our online chat or email
  • Get individual support sessions designed specifically to develop your business

Why join the TERN community?

Besides our programmes and courses, TERN offers support, business discounts and other advantages all year round.
Read on to discover the benefits you could access from joining the TERN community!

A like-minded community

TERN’s heart is its community: at TERN, refugee entrepreneurs from different backgrounds meet each other and connect with a crowd of motivated and experienced business supporters.

Personalised business advice just for you

TERN offers personalised training and mentorship through our On Demand support programme. Access tailored advice adapted to your needs and business development sessions with our team of experts.

Access to business networks

We make introductions to help you meet and collaborate with business partners and potential investors, as well as future customers.

Access finance

We connect you with our finance partners to help finance important steps in your business – through loan finance and investment.