Applicants who are late to the application window should send an email to
– please explain in the email why you are applying late.

Our business programmes for refugees

When we meet you for the first time, we will speak to you and find out how far you are with your business:
Is it still an idea or have you tested it already? Have you started trading? Do you have a business plan?
Once we understand what your priorities and support needs are we can introduce you
into our entrepreneurial support at the stage most suitable to you.

Here are our programmes:

Starting in April
EXPLORE Business
  • Business training for beginners
  • Develop and test a first business idea
  • All whilst working in a part time job
Starting in January 2018APPLY NOW
START your Business
  • Acccess 10+ specialist workshops
    to develop your business
  • Get expert advice from a team of
    business supporters and mentors
  • Get evidence that your idea will work and make an excellent business plan
Any time support
ON-DEMAND support
  • Call our support hotline
  • Or our online chat
  • Get specialist advice from a range of experts

Benefits of joining the TERN community

Besides our scheduled programmes and courses, TERN has much more to offer all year round.
Find out below what advantages people who join the TERN community have.

A like-minded community

TERN’s heart is its community: at TERN, refugee entrepreneurs from different backgrounds meet each other and connect with a crowd of motivated and experienced business supporters.

Tailored advice just for you

TERN’s business training and mentorship are personalised, meaning that our advice and step by step methodology adapts to your needs

Access to business networks

We make introductions and inform you about opportunities to meet and collaborate with business partners and potential investors and to meet potential customers and potential investors.

Access finance

We connect you with our finance partners to help finance important steps in your business – through loan finance and investment.

Quotes by TERN participants:

“A very high standard of knowledge provided in a very professional way to us who are knew to the British business culture & langue.

For me personally each session played a unique magnificent role in a very well build integrated training program. Well Done.”

TERN participant

“The most rewarding thing about the experience is the financial help and the professional way to access the market!”

TERN participant

“Meeting other refugee entrepreneurs and having a mentor was the most rewarding experience”

TERN participant
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