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About TERN

TERN Story

TERN was set-up in April 2016 and has since run three programmes supporting over 25 entrepreneurs. Our programmes are based on personalised support, recognising that each individual comes with unique experiences and faces different challenges. We assist refugees in understanding the local market, finding business networks and accessing finance. We also help them discover if entrepreneurship is the right pathway for them working with appropriate employment partners where necessary. In establishing the framework and strategy TERN has had support from Oliver Wyman, a leading management consultancy firm and in our entrepreneurship pathway programme we have been working with Ben & Jerry’s.

The aim of TERN is to support refugees to become self-sustainable and to work towards making the mainstream business environment inclusive for those with refugee status. We hope to help refugees achieve their ambitions and share their stories and by so doing demonstrate the positive social and economic impact refugees can have on our communities and challenge the narrative that surrounds refugees as being a burden on society or as simply victims.

TERN itself has ambitions to become a sustainable social enterprise so that we no longer have to rely on grants and fundraising to cover our costs.