Join the 2019 Ice Academy!

Are you a refugee interested in starting your own business? The Ice Academy combines a business development programme with a paid summer job!

We are TERN

The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network

Founded in 2016, The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network (TERN) is a pioneering new social enterprise that supports and empowers refugees in the UK to realise their potential, fulfil their aspirations and develop their own businesses.

Whether you have an early-stage business idea, a business plan or an existing business, TERN can support you in building, growing and scaling up your business.

TERN provides:

Expert advice

We help you fill knowledge gaps and make informed decisions in different specialist areas, such as market research, marketing, financial planning and business administration.


Our TERN mentors offer personal support and advice to develop your business ideas into a successful business.

Access to business networks

We introduce you to networks to engage with potential customers; to meet and collaborate with business partners and to meet potential investors.

Access to business finance

TERN works with a range of partners to provide business loans and other forms of business finance.